volume 32, issue 21, P1630-1633 1992
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760322116
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J.-O. Choi, J. C. Rosenfeld, J. A. Tyrell, J. H. Yang, S. R. Rojstaczer, S. Jeng

Abstract: Abstract Photosensitive polyamic acid involving substituted 3, 5‐diaminobenzamide has been developed for photopatternable polyimidesiloxanes. This precursor, formulated with photosensitizers, was used to develop fine patterns by i‐line UV exposure. The curing of polyamic acid was investigated by using FTIR and physical property measurement. The cured film has a high glass transition temperature depending on the siloxane content. It is stable up to 400°C and loses some of the substituted groups on heating to 5…

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