volume 39, issue 1, P119-128 2005
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2004.09.006
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Ju He, Wanhong Ma, Wenjing Song, Jincai Zhao, Xinhua Qian, Shibo Zhang, Jimmy C. Yu

Abstract: The photoreactions of aromatic compounds were investigated in aqueous dispersions of alpha-FeOOH(goethite)/H(2)O(2) at neutral pHs. It was found that aromatic compounds could undergo rapid decomposition and mineralization (even to 100% yield) in the presence of both alpha-FeOOH and H(2)O(2) under UV irradiation, and the degradation rates of the organics were related to their sorption ability of the surface of alpha-FeOOH and were in the following order: salicylic acid approximately m-hydroxylbenzoic acid>p-hyd…

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