DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2012.09.016
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Wanida Tewaruth, Pramuan Saithong, Siriporn Stonsaowapak, Putaluk Khaiprapai

Abstract: There are many rice varieties in Thailand and some varieties were ignored to consume especially the pigmented rice while it may contain some healthy compound. This research was aimed to analyze phenolic compound in four local pigmented rice varieties in Thailand. Four varieties of pigmented rice (Oryza sativai L.) including Sung-Yod rice (SYR), black jasmine rice (Hom-Nil rice, HNR), red jasmine rice (Hom-Dang rice, HDR) and black glutinous rice (Kum rice, KR), were studied for the phenolic compound. The non-p…

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