2020 DOI: 10.20944/preprints202009.0690.v1 View full text Preprint
Henna Haravuori, Kristiina Junttila, Toni Haapa, Katinka Tuisku, Anne Kujala, Tom Rosenström, Jaana Suvisaari, Eero Pukkala, Tanja Laukkala, Pekka Jylha

Abstract: On March 2020 strict measures took place in Finland to limit the COVID -19 pandemic. A majority of the Finnish COVID -19 –patients have been located in the southern Finland and consequently cared for in the HUS Helsinki University Hospital. During the ongoing pandemic, HUS personnel’s psychological symptoms are followed via an electronic survey, which also delivers information on psychosocial support services. The baseline survey in June 2020 was sent to 25494 HUS employees out of whom 4804…

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