Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2017 DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2016.11.014 View full text
David de la Lama, Rafael Borja, Bárbara Rincón

Abstract: A study of the semi-continuous anaerobic digestion process of thermally pretreated twophase olive pomace (TPOP) at 120 ºC during 180 minutes was carried out in laboratoryscale completely stirred tank reactors at mesophilic temperature. Organic loading rates (OLR) in the range of 2.0-7.0 g VS/(L·d) were tested after the pretreatment and the breakage of complex organic matter. Total and soluble chemical oxygen demand (CODt and CODs) removal efficiencies decreased slightly between 77.9-71.7% and 92.3-85.0% when t…

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