DOI: 10.1016/j.wnsx.2019.100032
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Hyeun Sung Kim, Osama Nezar Kashlan, Ravindra Singh, Nitin Maruti Adsul, Zhang Yong, Sung Woon Oh, Jung Hoon Noh, Il Tae Jang, Seong Hoon Oh

Abstract: Background Irritation of the sinuvertebral nerve by a posterior or posterolateral disk desiccation can cause somatic referred pain that can mimic a lumbar radiculopathy. We present a case of a patient presenting with this condition and the positive result in pain improvement after endoscopic radiofrequency ablation of the sinuvertebral nerve. Case Description An 18-year-old Olympic runner presented to our clinic with back pain and left leg pain in a clear L5 distributio…

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