Optics Communications 2018 DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2017.10.070 View full text
Thomas L. Lamson, Sahar Khan, Zhifei Wang, Yun-Kai Zhang, Yong Yu, Zhe-Sheng Chen, Huizhong Xu

Abstract: We report the patterned synthesis of ZnO nanorod arrays of diameters between 50 nm and 130 nm and various spacings. This was achieved by patterning hole arrays in a polymethyl methacrylate layer with electron beam lithography, followed by chemical synthesis of ZnO nanorods in the patterned holes using the hydrothermal method. The fabrication of ZnO nanorod waveguide arrays is also demonstrated by embedding the nanorods in a silver film using the electroplating process. Optical transmission measurement through …

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