volume 99, issue 5, Pe5-e5 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.5.e5
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P. R. Nader, M. Yang, R. V. Luepker, G. S. Parcel, P. Pirie, H. A. Feldman, E. J. Stone, L. S. Webber

Abstract: ABSTRACT. Objective. To determine parental actions and concerns and physician responses to parental notification that a child's cholesterol value was 200 mg/dL or greater, a value recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program to warrant physician follow-up and evaluation.Methodology. A telephone survey of parents (n ‫؍‬ 784) and physicians (n ‫؍‬ 117) was carried out after parental notification of a total blood cholesterol value obtained as part of measurement done while participating in the Child…

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