DOI: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehy563.p3723
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Abstract: Strain echocardiography / Chronic heart failure -pathophysiology and mechanisms 783 strain (GLS) and mean peak strain rate (PSR) were improved significantly in PRP-H group (GLS= -18.4%±3.2, PSR= -1.0/s±0.12) in comparison to either saline (GLS= -12.6%±4.4, PSR= -0.6/s±0.15) (p=0.03), and MI-only groups (GLS= -9.7%±4.1, PSR= -0.5/s±0.23) (p<0.01). Mean global circumferential (GCS) and radial strains (GRS) showed marginal improvement in PRP-H group (GCS= -23.4%±3.9, GRS= 26%±5.7) when compared to sham controls (…

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