DOI: 10.1136/flgastro-2021-bspghan.31
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Sarah Khweir, Lucy Jackman, Edward Gaynor et al.

Abstract: GI bleeds requiring endoscopy (UGIB) and/or other emergency upper endoscopies (OEE). Cases were reported in REDCap. Results 28 centres provided denominator data with regard to the services they provide (covering 90% of the UK population). 22 provided prospective data for UGIB and 18 for OEE covering 70 and 60% of the UK population respectively. 98 cases were reported over a 6 month period: 34 UGIB, 55 OEE, (38 foreign body and 17 others); 9 less severe UGI bleeds not fitting the definitions were excluded from …

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