volume 9, issue 8, P1867-1884 2017
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101268
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Brandon M. Hall, Vitaly Balan, Anatoli S. Gleiberman, Evguenia Strom, Peter Krasnov, Lauren P. Virtuoso, Elena Rydkina, Slavoljub Vujcic, Karina Balan, Ilya I. Gitlin, Katerina I. Leonova, Camila R. Consiglio, Sandra O. Gollnick, Olga B. Chernova et al.

Abstract: Constitutive p16Ink4a expression, along with senescence-associated β-galactosidase (SAβG), are commonly accepted biomarkers of senescent cells (SCs). Recent reports attributed improvement of the healthspan of aged mice following p16Ink4a-positive cell killing to the eradication of accumulated SCs. However, detection of p16Ink4a/SAβG-positive macrophages in the adipose tissue of old mice and in the peritoneal cavity of young animals following injection of alginate-encapsulated SCs has raised concerns about the …

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