volume 16, issue 4, P237-241 1990
DOI: 10.1007/bf01705158
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Abstract: Polymerised pyridoxylated stroma free haemoglobin (PPSFH) is a potential red cell substitute. We compared PPSFH to Succinylated Gelatin (SG) and autologous fresh blood (AFB) in a dog model. Three groups of dogs were subjected to a period of fluctuating hypovolaemia. Eight received AFB and had a final haematocrit (Hct) of 54% and total active haemoglobin level (WBod Hb) of 16.5 g/dl. Eight received SG, had a final Hct of 20% and WBod Hb of 5.6 g/dl. Eight received PPSFH, had a final Hct of 20% and a WBod Hb of …

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