volume 289, issue 1-2, P189-201 1990
DOI: 10.1016/0022-0728(90)87216-7
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A. Biloul, F. Coowar, O. Contamin, G. Scarbeck, M. Savy, D. van den Ham, J. Riga, J.J. Verbist

Abstract: Oa reduction in HaSO, medium has been investigated on FeNPc impregnations on Norit BrX by the rotating disk electrode technique. Important differences in activity and stability were found between the 1,2-and 2,3-FeNPc isomers (pyrolysed or not). XPS analyses show, for the most inactive sample, strong demetallation and nitrogen losses. This phenomenon can be attributed to the differences in flexibility between the FeNPc isomers, which influences their stabilization on the substrate.