volume 298, issue 2, P141-151 1990
DOI: 10.1016/0022-0728(90)87457-u
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Ulrich Krohs, Helmut Metzner

Abstract: ABSTRACTThe overall kinetics of photosystem II was scanned by means of a double flash technique. Oxygen evolution by pea thylakoids provided with an artificial electron acceptor was measured under a regime of double flashes of variant intervals. The pH ~ptimum,in H 20 lies near V-H 7.2 CV-H meaning the pH in H 2 0), with a first-order rate constant of 800 8-1 at 20°e. In deuterium oxide (D20), a plateau of maximum reaction rate was found between p2H 6.6 and 7.8 WH meaning the "pH" in D20), the highest rate co…

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