volume 31, issue 20, P2011008 2021
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202011008
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Alessio Orbelli Biroli, Alberto Calloni, Alberto Bossi, Madan S. Jagadeesh, Guglielmo Albani, Lamberto Duò, Franco Ciccacci, Andrea Goldoni, Alberto Verdini, Luca Schio, Luca Floreano, Gianlorenzo Bussetti

Abstract: The desirable self‐assembly (SA) of repeated 2D stacked layers requires a “holistic analysis” of three interconnected components: the electrode, the interface, and the molecular component; among them, the contact interface bears the largest burden responsibilities. Epitaxial growth (EG) of coherent 2D+n stacked heterojunction by solvent‐free deposition holds great promise, although the feasibility has never been demonstrated given multiple drawbacks (e.g., surface‐ligand effect, SLE). Here, it is demonstrated …

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