volume 99, issue 3, P318-333 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.3.318
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J. L. Paradise, H. E. Rockette, D. K. Colborn, B. S. Bernard, C. G. Smith, M. Kurs-Lasky, J. E. Janosky

Abstract: Contrary to findings in many previous reports, the prevalence of otitis media during the first 2 years of life among lower-socioeconomic-status black infants appears to be as high as, if not higher than among lower-socioeconomic-status white infants, and certainly higher than among middle-class white infants. Among middle-class white infants the prevalence may also be higher than commonly assumed. The most important sociodemographic risk factors for otitis media appear to be low socioeconomic status and repeat…

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