volume 50, issue 3, P25-35 2017
DOI: 10.1515/cerce-2017-0023
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Y. Yong, Y. Hu, M.H. Shahrajabian, C. Ren, L. Guo, C. Wang, Z. Zeng

Abstract: Abstract Intercropping is one of the most important and sustaibale cropping practice in agro-ecosystems. The study was conducted under field conditions in the arid Horqine sandy land in Baicheng District, Jilin Province, Northern China in 2011. A randomized complete block design with four replications was used. Treatments comprised different mono cropping and intercropping patterns, TO: sole cropping of oat, TOS-O: oat in the intercropping of oat and soybean, TOG-O: oat in the intercropping of oat and groundnu…

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