volume 9, issue 1, P35-43 2021
DOI: 10.51791/njap.v9i1.2256
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F. C. Obioha, B. O. Asuquo, F. N. Agomoh

Abstract: The development of indigenous stock in the tropics must be accompanied by an evaluation of their nutrient requirements alongside those of the adapted exotic stock. In two separate experiments, a total of 28 dietary combinations of protein (18% — 24%) and metabilisable energy (2.6-3.2 Mcal/kg) were assessed using four lines of exotic, local and ex­otic x local crosses of 0-8 week old starter pullets. A combination of 2.8 Mcal/kg with 24% (E2.8 P24) gave the best overall performance, while E3.0 P24 gave the best…

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