J Cross Cult Gerontol volume 32, issue 2, P171-189 2017 DOI: 10.1007/s10823-016-9309-x View full text
Andrea Nevedal, Stewart Neufeld, Mark Luborsky, Andrea Sankar

Abstract: This paper reports findings from a study that compared older (n = 21, ≥ age 50) and younger (n = 96, ≤ age 49) African Americans' stories (N = 117) of living with HIV/AIDS to determine how they make sense of the experience. The purpose was to: (1) identify and describe the cultural models African Americans use to inform their stories of living with HIV/AIDS, and (2) to compare older and younger adults' HIV stories. To characterize the cultural models engaged in the telling of these HIV stories, we conducted sc…

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