volume 38, issue 8, P2207-2213 2004
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2004.01.036
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Libertad Garcı́a-Villada, Marcos Rico, Marı́a Altamirano, Laura Sánchez-Martı́n, Victoria López-Rodas, Eduardo Costas

Abstract: Freshwater toxic cyanobacteria are an increasing problem to human and animal health. Control of cyanobacteria in water supply reservoirs involves the use of algaecides, such as copper sulphate, usually in a repetitive way. Repercussions of recurrent algaecide treatments on cyanobacteria population dynamics remain still unknown. We studied the adaptation of cyanobacteria to lethal doses of copper sulphate by using Microcystis aeruginosa as an experimental model. A fluctuation analysis demonstrated that copper-r…

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