Journal of Cell Biology volume 217, issue 11, P3796-3808 2018 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201711161 View full text
Yuntao Xia, Irena L. Ivanovska, Kuangzheng Zhu, Lucas Smith, Jerome Irianto, Charlotte R. Pfeifer, Cory M. Alvey, Jiazheng Ji, Dazhen Liu, Sangkyun Cho, Rachel R. Bennett, Andrea J. Liu, Roger A. Greenberg, Dennis E. Discher et al.

Abstract: The nucleus is physically linked to the cytoskeleton, adhesions, and extracellular matrix-all of which sustain forces, but their relationships to DNA damage are obscure. We show that nuclear rupture with cytoplasmic mislocalization of multiple DNA repair factors correlates with high nuclear curvature imposed by an external probe or by cell attachment to either aligned collagen fibers or stiff matrix. Mislocalization is greatly enhanced by lamin A depletion, requires hours for nuclear reentry, and correlates wi…

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