volume 100, issue 2, P102-104 2010
DOI: 10.1590/s0073-47212010000200002
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Abstract: ABSTRACT.A new genus and species of Blattellidae (Blattaria) from Amazon Region, Brazil. A new genus (Chorisomaculata), similar to Chorisoneura Brunner, 1865 with a new species (Chorisomaculata manauensis) from state of Amazonas are described. The male genitalia is illustrated.KEYWORDS. Chorisomaculata gen. nov., Amazonas, taxonomy, Neotropical.RESUMO. Descreve-se um novo gênero (Chorisomaculata), similar a Chorisoneura Brunner, 1865 e uma nova espécie (Chorisomaculata manauensis) do estado do Amazonas. A gen…

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