IJST volume 13, issue 09, P1003-1014 2020 DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2020/v013i09/146687 View full text
Melford C. Egbujor

Abstract: Objective: To synthesize new alanine-based phenyl sulphonamide derivatives with significant antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Methods: The reaction of alanine with benzenesulphonyl chloride afforded compound 3a. The ammonolysis of its N-acylated derivative gave the carboxamide which yielded the aryl/heteroaryl derivatives compounds 3d, 3e, and 3f via Buchwald-Hartwig nickel catalyzed amidation reaction. Structures agreed with the spectra data. Their antimicrobial activities, antioxidant activities, and…

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