volume 31, issue 8, P2273-2278 1992
DOI: 10.1021/bi00123a009
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Roman Procyk, L. V. Medved, Kory J. Engelke, Bohdan Kudryk, Birger Blombaeck

Abstract: Out of 29 disulfide bonds in human fibrinogen, 7 were cleaved during limited reduction under nondenaturing conditions in calcium-free buffer: 2 A alpha 442Cys-A alpha 472Cys and 2 gamma 326Cys-gamma 339Cys intrachain disulfide bonds in the carboxy-terminal ends of the A alpha- and gamma-chains and the symmetrical disulfide bonds at gamma 8Cys, gamma 9Cys, and A alpha 28Cys. We studied the loss of thrombin clottability that followed limited reduction and the increase in the susceptibility of the fibrinogen A al…

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