volume 55, issue 4, P1112-1118 1990
DOI: 10.1135/cccc19901112
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Abstract: A new fluorogenic substrate for determination of the activity of post-proline endopeptidase (EC, Z-Cys(Bzl)-Pro-NH-Meq* has been synthesized. Affinity of this substrate to the enzyme was significantly higher than that of the hitherto employed substrates. The Michaelis constant of the post-proline endopeptidase for Z-Cys(Bzl)-Pro-NH-Meq was at the optimum pH (7'0) 1'05 . 10-6 mol I -1. The concentration of dimethylsulfoxide used for the solubilization of Z-Cys-(Bzl)-Pro-NH-Meq «0'4%) was outside the…

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