DOI: 10.21236/ada142638
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T. J. Shan, T. Kailath

Abstract: II. The Optimum Weight Vector of Adaptive Processor for Noncoherent and Coherent Inputs IT.. oric was supported-. n part by the Air F'orce Ofi:ce of Scieriti-1c Research. Air Force systers Cor. r.altd 'under Contract AF49-620"79-C-By using the matrix inversion lemma. we can 0058, the U.S. Arrny Researchi Oice, u-)der Cor:ract AAGC-9"-19-C show that O215, and by toie ,'oirt Servces Program at Stanford Ucvers;ty under Contrac. JAAG29-81-K-00 7. W,,t R-y (TO) 1, ul:X) 1.itriL~.tiou I Uaiiited. D I ELECTE JUN2 8 1…

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