Journal of Cell Biology volume 217, issue 8, P2709-2726 2018 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201709055 View full text
Léa Ripoll, Xavier Heiligenstein, Ilse Hurbain, Lia Domingues, Florent Figon, Karl J. Petersen, Megan K. Dennis, Anne Houdusse, Michael S. Marks, Graça Raposo, Cédric Delevoye

Abstract: Vesicular and tubular transport intermediates regulate organellar cargo dynamics. Transport carrier release involves local and profound membrane remodeling before fission. Pinching the neck of a budding tubule or vesicle requires mechanical forces, likely exerted by the action of molecular motors on the cytoskeleton. Here, we show that myosin VI, together with branched actin filaments, constricts the membrane of tubular carriers that are then released from melanosomes, the pigment containing lysosome-related o…

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