volume 36, issue 4, P542-548 2012
DOI: 10.7317/pk.2012.36.4.542
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이동은 이동은, 김응건 김응건, 이동현 이동현

Abstract: Abstract: Morphological characteristics and formation of symmetric polystyrene-block-poly(1,4-butadiene) copolymer (PS-b-PBD) in thin films upon solvent-annealing were investigated by using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The thin films solvent-annealed in cyclohexane revealed the perforated lamellae of poly(1,4-butadiene) in the matrix of polystyrene while those solvent-annealed in n-hexane exhibited highly disordered patterns. Interestingly, when the thin films of PS-b-PBD were solvent-annealed with binary m…

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