volume 51, issue 4, P96-107 2018
DOI: 10.2478/cerce-2018-0039
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A. Kheloufi, L.M. Mansouri, B. Bouafia, Y. Khamari, H. Kheloufi, Y. Bouguern

Abstract: Abstract Astragalus armatus Willd. subsp. armatus is an endemic shrub of the Northern Africa. Its cultivation and domestication are very limited because of difficulty with seed germination and establishment. In this study, we investigated some plant morphological characteristics in real time and in situ (leaves, fruit and seeds) of different ecotypes of A. armatus, collected from two sites in Algeria (Arid Steppe of Aïn Naga and Condorcet Mountain), which elevation and climate data are very different. Moreover…

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