AVM volume 8, issue 2, P77-86 2016 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v8i2.115 View full text
Milena Samojlović, Ivana Davidov, Jelena Apić, Biljana Božić, Ivan Stančić

Abstract: Surgical sterilization (ovariohysterectomy) is one of the most common surgical procedures in small veterinary practice because it represents the safest way to control the population of cats. Th e aim of this study is to compare postoperative recovery in three groups of cats (estrous, anestrous and gravid cats) aft er performed ovariohysterectomy using combination of xylasine/ketamine anesthesia and, on the basis of obtained data, determine whether there are some signifi cant diff erences in postoperative recov…

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