volume 12, issue 9, P2108-2111 1973
DOI: 10.1021/ic50127a033
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E. A. McNeill, K. L. Gallaher, F. R. Scholer, S. H. Bauer

Abstract: Gas-phase electron diffraction patterns of 1,5-dicarba-closo-pentaborane and 1,6-dicarba-closo-hexaborane were recorded at room temperature. Least-squares analyses of the reduced intensity data confirmed theD,h and D4h symmetry of the respective carboranes in the gas phase. The carbon atoms are located at apical positions in the polyhedra and may be considered as bonded to a planar girdle of three and four boron atoms, respectively. The bond lengths for the 1,5-dicarbacloso-pentaborane (5) withD,h symmetry ar…

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