Biochemical Pharmacology volume 76, issue 11, P1628-1636 2008 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2008.09.034 View full text
Michelangelo Campanella, Gyorgy Szabadkai, Rosario Rizzuto

Abstract: Abstract1-(2-Chlorophenyl-N-methylpropyl)-3-isoquinolinecarboxamide (PK11195) is a proven enhancer of apoptotic cell death in a variety of cellular models. This effect is independent of its established cellular target, the mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptor (mBzR), since it is able to promote cell death also in mBzR knockout cells. Thus recently it was suggested that PK11195 might exert its effect by modulating the expression and function of the oncogene Bcl-2. We have previously demonstrated that Bcl-2 mo…

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