MRS Proc. 1998 DOI: 10.1557/proc-551-177 View full text
C.M. Cuttle, M.V. Cattaneo, J.D. Gresser, D.L. Wise, D.O. Frazier, F. Aranda, D.J. Trantolo

Abstract: AbstractThe overall objective of this project is the development of NLO-active materials with optical clarity and mechanical strength. These materials are intended for laser eye protection. By combining χ2 and χ3 optical properties, the intensity of incident laser radiation may be efficiently reduced. Using an in-plane poling technique, aligned films of liquid crystal poly(benzyl-Lglutamate), PBLG, were made which showed higher second harmonic generation (SHG) values compared to quartz. Silver sols in the 10-9…

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