volume 4, issue 7, P462-479 2012
DOI: 10.18632/aging.100471
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Daniel R. Calnan, Ashley E. Webb, Jamie L. White, Timothy R. Stowe, Tapasree Goswami, Xiaobing Shi, Alexsandra Espejo, Mark T. Bedford, Or Gozani, Steven P. Gygi, Anne Brunet

Abstract: The FoxO family of transcription factors plays an important role in longevity and tumor suppression by regulating the expression of a wide range of target genes. FoxO3 has recently been found to be associated with extreme longevity in humans and to regulate the homeostasis of adult stem cell pools in mammals, which may contribute to longevity. The activity of FoxO3 is controlled by a variety of post-translational modifications that have been proposed to form a ‘code’ affecting FoxO3 subcellular localization, D…

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