volume 37, issue 14, P2217-2221 2018
DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.8b00160
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Abstract: The unique synthesis and reactivity of [(RPNP*)NiH] complexes (1a,b), based on metal–ligand cooperation (MLC), are presented (RPNP* = deprotonated PNP ligand, R = iPr, tBu). Unexpectedly, the dearomatized complexes 1a,b were obtained by reduction of the dicationic complexes [(RPNP)Ni(MeCN)](BF4)2 with sodium amalgam or by reaction of the free ligand with Ni0(COD)2. Complex 1b reacts with CO via MLC, to give a rare case of a distorted-octahedral PNP-based pincer complex, the Ni(0) complex 3b. Complexes 1a,b als…

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