volume 39, issue 8, P549-553 2011
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2010.11.017
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Hideo Nakajima, Yoshiaki Sakamoto, Ikkei Tamada, Hisao Ogata, Kazuo Kishi, Teruo Sakamoto

Abstract: We treat hemifacial microsomia with a combination of surgery and orthodontic treatment during the growth period, resulting in early improvement in facial asymmetry and the induction of normal growth. We previously used gradual distraction of the mandibular ramus for Pruzansky's type II classification (Pruzansky, 1969). In type II cases, the maxilla should also be treated actively as, using this technique, improvement of the occlusal plane is difficult to achieve, resulting in a cross bite and difficulties in p…

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