MRS Proc. 2000 DOI: 10.1557/proc-624-143 View full text
J.M. Fitz-Gerald, D.B. Chrisey, A. Piqu, R.C.Y. Auyeung, R. Mohdi, H.D. Young, H.D. Wu, S. Lakeou, R. Chung

Abstract: ABSTRACTWe demonstrate a novel laser-based approach to perform rapid prototyping of active and passive circuit elements called MAPLE DW. This technique is similar in its implementation to laser induced forward transfer (LIFT), but different in terms of the fundamental transfer mechanism and materials used. In MAPLE DW, a focused pulsed laser beam interacts with a composite material on a laser transparent support transferring the composite material to the acceptor substrate. This process enables the formation o…

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