volume 47, issue 2, P97-102 2014
DOI: 10.2478/cerce-2014-0020
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A.R. Khan, M. Ijaz, I.U. Haq, A. Farzand, M. Tariqjaved

Abstract: Abstract Various fungal diseases reduce groundnut yield but Cercospora leaf spot commonly called, Tikka disease is most detrimental one. A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of different fungicides and their doses on Cercospora leaf spot of groundnut. Five different fungicides (Chlorothalonil, Propineb, Mancozeb, Nativo and Triazole) having three different doses (prescribed, half & prescribed+half) were used to control Cercospora leaf spot of groundnut. Groundnut variety (YH-14) highly…

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