volume 39, issue 7, P530-533 2011
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcms.2010.10.018
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Gholamreza Shirani, Amir J. Abbasi, Simin Z. Mohebbi, Iman Shirinbak

Abstract: Central Giant Cell Granuloma (CGCG) is a benign tumour of the jaws. The site most frequently involved is the anterior part of mandible, especially in females under 30 years of age. The traditional treatment of CGCG is curettage. Resection is indicated in locally aggressive cases. This report presents the management of a massive CGCG in a 13-year-old girl with its non-surgical and surgical treatments. The non-surgical treatment with corticosteroid therapy was difficult and unsuccessful. Surgical treatment was p…

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