Optics Communications 2018 DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2017.12.056 View full text
K.Y. Lau, E.K. Ng, M.H. Abu Bakar, A.F. Abas, M.T. Alresheedi, Z. Yusoff, M.A. Mahdi

Abstract: Low threshold L-band mode-locked ultrafast fiber laser assisted by microfiber-based single wall carbon nanotube saturable absorber ABSTRCTWe demonstrate a passively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser in L-band wavelength region with low mode-locking threshold employing a 1425 nm pump wavelength. The mode-locking regime is generated by microfiber-based saturable absorber using carbon nanotube-polymer composite in a ring cavity. This carbon nanotube saturable absorber shows saturation intensity of 9 MW/cm². In…

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