DOI: 10.1002/chin.200740028
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Yoshinori Imai,
Masatsune Kato,
Yuichiro Takarabe
et al.

Abstract: Copper I 7400 Low-Temperature Synthesis of La2CuO4 with the T'-Structure from Molten Hydroxides. -The title compound is prepared by reaction of a stoichiometric mixture of La2O3 and Cu in a eutectiv KOH/NaOH melt (350°C, argon stream, alumina crucible, 14 d). The well-crystallized product obtained by this method has the Nd2CuO4 type (T') structure, while La2CuO4 prepared by conventional solis state reaction at 900°C in air has a distorted K2NiF4 type (O) structure. -(IMAI*, Y.; KATO, M.; TAKARABE, Y.; NOJI, T…

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