volume 8, issue 8, P1690-1702 2016
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101006
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Joanna Brzeszczyńska, Neil Johns, Alain Schilb, Simone Degen, Martin Degen, Ramon Langen, Annemie Schols, David J Glass, Ronenn Roubenoff, Carolyn A. Greig, Carsten Jacobi, Kenneth CH. Fearon, James A. Ross

Abstract: Muscle wasting in old age or cancer may result from failed myofiber regeneration and/or accelerated atrophy. This study aimed to determine from transcriptomic analysis of human muscle the integrity of the cellular stress response system in relation to satellite cell differentiation or apoptosis in patients with cancer (weight-stable (CWS) or weight-losing (CWL)) or healthy elderly (HE) when compared with healthy middle-aged controls (HMA). 28 patients with cancer (CWS: 18 and CWL: 10), HE: 21 and HMA: 20 under…

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