DOI: 10.1101/2020.02.16.20023671
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Jing Liu, Sumeng Li, Jia Liu, Boyun Liang, Xiaobei Wang, Hua Wang, Wei Li, Qiaoxia Tong, Jianhua Yi, Lei Zhao, Lijuan Xiong, Chunxia Guo, Jin Tian, Jinzhuo Luo et al.

Abstract: Background: The dynamic changes of lymphocyte subsets and cytokines profiles of patients with novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and their correlation with the disease severity remain unclear. Method: Peripheral blood samples were longitudinally collected from 40 confirmed COVID-19 patients and examined for lymphocyte subsets by flow cytometry and cytokine profiles by specific immunoassays. Findings: Of the 40 COVID-19 patients enrolled, 13 severe cases showed significant and sustained decreases in lympho…

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