volume 5, issue 2, P279-295 1999
DOI: 10.1017/s1357321700000477
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Abstract: Four papers were available for discussion at the meeting:(1) ‘Continuing Care Retirement Communities — Attractive to Members, but what about Sponsors?’ by R. A. Humble and D. G. Ryan, was previously presented to the Institute of Actuaries on 26 January 1998, and the paper and the discussion of it appear in British Actuarial Journal, 4, 547-614.(2) ‘A Model for Projecting the Number of People who will Require Long-Term Care’, by R. R. Ainslie, C. O. Daly, S. P. Laurie, B. D. Rickhayzen, M. A. E. Thraves and D.…

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