volume 169, issue 2, P172-182 2020
DOI: 10.1111/eea.13005
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María J. Ruiz, María L. Juárez, Flavia Jofré Barud, Lucía Goane, Gabriela A. Valladares, Guillermo E. Bachmann, Silvina A. Belliard, Paula Páez Jerez, Ana Lucía Zamora Belli, F. Daniela García Méndez, Diego F. Segura, M. Liza López, María T. Vera

Abstract: The sterile insect technique (SIT) is an environmentally friendly pest control method that relies on the introduction of sterility into the pest population by the release of sterile males. Many Tephritidae fruit fly pests are currently being controlled with SIT. Sterile insect technique efficacy can be increased if the sexual success of mass‐reared sterile males is enhanced. Phytochemicals influence the sexual behaviour of many species of phytophagous insects. Here, we evaluated the possibility of using essent…

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