AVM volume 10, issue 2, P3-12 2017 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v10i2.66 View full text
Đorđe Okanović, Milutin Ristić, Šandor Kormanjoš, Tatjana Tasić, Predrag Ikonić, Šojić Branislav, Miloš Pelić

Abstract: Bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis) successfully grow in polyculture with carp, feeding on plankton. It has good quality of meat for both consumption and industrial processing. Th e quantity of by-products obtained during primary processing of bighead carp and chemical characteristics of internal organs were investigated in this paper. Th e total average weight of by-products was 760.45 g (42.31%) in relation to live body weight, whichwas cca 1797.5 g. Th e by-product contributing to the largest quantity to to…

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