volume 99, issue 5, Pe8-e8 1997
DOI: 10.1542/peds.99.5.e8
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D. R. Freyer, A. E. Schwanda, D. J. Sanfilippo, R. M. Hackbarth, N. E. Hassan, J. S. Kopec, M. T. Neirotti

Abstract: ABSTRACT. Objective. In this successor to a preliminary retrospective study, we sought to confirm the apparent safety and efficacy of intravenous methohexital (MHX) for brief, unconscious sedation of pediatric hematology/oncology outpatients undergoing painful, invasive procedures.Methods. This prospective study was conducted in a children's hospital-based hematology/oncology clinic. Following published monitoring guidelines for deep pediatric sedation, MHX (1.0 mg/kg) was administered immediately before each…

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