volume 13, issue S336, P239-242 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317011504
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Carolina B. Rodríguez-Garza, Stanley E. Kurtz, Arturo I. Gómez-Ruiz, Peter Hofner, Esteban D. Araya, Sergei V. Kalenskii

Abstract: We present observations of massive star-forming regions selected from the IRAS Point Source Catalog. The observations were made with the Very Large Array and the Large Millimeter Telescope to search for Class I methanol masers. We made interferometric observations of 125 massive star-forming regions in the 44 GHz methanol maser transition; 53 of the 125 fields showed emission. The data allow us to demonstrate associations, at arcsecond precision, of the Class I maser emission with outflows, HII regions and sh…

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