DOI: 10.1109/date.2003.1186686
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H. Du, M. Sanchez-Elez, N. Tabrizi, N. Bagherzadeh, M.L. Anido, M. Fernandez

Abstract: Abstract 1: IntroductionMorphoSys [1] is a reconfigurable SIMD processor targeted at portable devices, such as Cellular phone and PDAs. It combines coarse grain reconfigurable hardware with one general-purpose processor. Applications with a heterogeneous nature and different sub-tasks, such as MPEG, DVB-T, and CDMA, can be efficiently implemented on it. In this paper a 3D graphics algorithm, ray tracing, is mapped onto MorphoSys to achieve realistic illumination. We show that SIMD ray-tracing on MorphoSys is …

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