DOI: 10.2118/197575-ms
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Said Meziani, Kassem Ghorayeb, Najla Al Zaabi, Hafez Hafez, Abdulla Al Katheeri, Jorge Maldonado, Iftikhar Khattak, Elin Haryanto, Thierry Chabernaud, Saltanat Yersaiyn, Sayani Kumar, Shawwal Shahid, Abdelrahman Agam, Abdur Rahman Shah et al.

Abstract: Abstract This paper describes a pragmatic approach for reviving a highly depleted major Oil Rim Reservoir after more than 30 years of massive gas cap exploitation. The main objective is to assess options and identify the optimal plan to re-develop the Oil Rim while honoring and not jeopardizing the gas and condensate production of the network and the existing facility constraints. An integrated workflow was designed and implemented to understand the reservoir geology, field produc…

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